Welcome to the MHO Global Conflict: WWII wargame.

The MHO Global Conflict: WWII wargame is currently under development. Please click on the "About" link to learn more information about the game.  If you are interested in sharing ideas and helping out, please contact me at the e-mail listed below.
A new "Rules" section has been added to help new players learn the game. It is currently under development.

Last updated 11/11/2013.

Release 0.2.78 - 11/11/2013
- Added first set of custom counters and terrain to the "Options" page.
- From the "Options" button on the main page, added ability to select default counters, custom counters #1 (completed), and custom counters #2 (under construction).
- Also, from the "Options" button, added ability to use default terrain or custom terrain #1.

Release 0.2.70 - 10/31/2013
- Working on France 1940 (Fall Gelb (Case Yellow)). Getting ready to bypass the Maginot Line!
- The Germans are maxing out the stack limits here. Once they break through (and they will), they'll be able to spread out.
- Belgium is neutral at this point so their units are dimmed. Once Germany enters Belgium, they'll become active for the Allied player. The BEF units are darker blue.
- The 51st Highland Division is unfortunately stuck manning the Maginot Line when the balloon goes up. They are left on the continent while the rest of their command evacuates back to Britain.

Release 0.2.57 - 10/16/2013
- Added Weather!

Release 0.2.50 - 09/22/2013
Improved graphics
Poland 1939 AI Scenario
Add Effectiveness
Reorganized code

Release 0.2.48 - 09/03/2013
- Added resolution 1920 x 1080 to the game.
- Polish AI.

Release 0.2.46 - 08/25/2013
- Worked on Case White Scenario

Release 0.2.44 - 03/25/2013
- Fixed issue Game Window Active while not active window.
- Worked on Case White Scenario
- Added improved graphics terrain from Turkey to Port Said.

Release 0.2.42 - 03/04/2013
- Additional fixes to supply.
- Fixes to ocean hexes.
- Ethiopian troops re-positioned.

Release 0.2.40 - 02/25/2013
- Corrected Neutrals being able to bomb.
- Added ports in NZ.
- Fixed NY.
- Added German supply and partial Italian supply.

Release 0.2.37 - 02/21/2013
- Added improved pathfinding.
- Added supply lines.

Release 0.2.35 - 02/10/2013
- Added Splash Screen (it's a first attempt, so it'll change as we go along).
- Display only air units when trying to place purchased air units.
- Instead of displaying an error when loading multiplayer login and games...it tries every second until it eventually successfully connects.

Release 0.2.33 - 01/22/2013
- fixed suez canal issue
- added portugal, spain, turkey, finland to surrender conditions
- added belgium and netherlands reinforcements
- added DD's and SS's, but have not activated them.
- Ed's txt changes

Release 0.2.21 - 01/05/2013
- Added tooltips.
- Fixed Belgium (Allied7) error (being able to attack).
- Fixed issue with Poland partition in PvP.
- Changed game icon to higher resolution/different color.

Release 0.2.14 - 12/30/2012
- Released newest Ed and Bill file additions.
- Added Strategic Rail movement for Germany.
- Added "+" and "-" for zoom in/zoom out.

After Action Report by Ed Druback (12/16/2012) NEW!
This “After Action Report” (AAR) was intended to be written for a dual audience even though it is a review of one game played of the infinite variety of possible outcomes. First and foremost this AAR was written for someone who has never played a table top war game. If you are interested in the early stages of WWII (through the fall of France) whether you have ever played a war game or not, I hope I have made this AAR an enjoyable read.  For just around a year now Brian Williams, Military History Online administrator, working with a small but growing team, has been developing a division scale global World War Two game. The game design will be quite familiar to old-time military gamers who have played games by Avalon Hill, SPI or Game Designer’s Workshop. It employs a hex-grid system to regularize movement and unit counters with combat strength, movement allowance, along with unit designations and other pertinent information. Each turn represents one week.   Read More...

Release 0.1.116 - 12/04/2012
- Fixed Neutral3 and Neutral7 unit max movement recalculation
- Fixed British Armored Cav issue
- Fixed Greek surrender conditions
- Fixed lingering nationality flags
- Added Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian reinforcements
- Added country flag and quick description under unit icon
- Added PP's to Allied and Axis tabs for quick viewing
- Updated Ed's changes.

Barbarossa in on!

Release 0.1.102 - 11/23/2012
- Swedish surrender when Stockholm falls fixed
- Bessarabia Annexation
- Baltic States Annexation
- Yugoslavian surrender and creation of Croatia
- Add an island in hex 1194,85 fixed
- Text file to prohibit land units from moving across added blockedbysea.txt
- Text file to prohibit naval units from moving across added blockedbyland.txt
- Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria start as 7 on the Diplomacy scale.
- 1011,37 directly north to 1011,36 should be prohibited to land unit movement fixed

Release 0.1.80 - 10/14/2012
- Added Resolutions (under Options tab).
- Updated multiplayer game
- Added multiplayer movement/attack history

Release 0.1.79 - 10/13/2012
- Finished production for Italy, etc.
- Fixed zoom level to stay at previous level.
- Fixed right panel to change to unit panel after placing units.
- Made Slovakia its own country.
- Fixed neutral air intercepter error
- Added clearer bomber text
- Fixed slovak reinforcment bug.
- Fixed orphan Axis units in eastern Poland after Curzon.

Release 0.1.69 - 9/27/2012
- Reconfigured nationalities
- Corrected US ownership
- Corrected issue when clicking on lower section of map.

Release 0.1.66 - 9/24/2012
- Added more nationalities
- Added Japanese naval counters
- Added Japanese naval order of battle
- Added Japanese ports
- Added enhanced graphics for Spain, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia
- Added Naval Battle tab (still under construction).

Release 0.1.61 - 9/16/2012
- Added 9999 for neutral countries
- Finished German and French navies. All major British ships.
- All latest changes.

Release 0.1.56 - 09/01/2012
- Added initial UK and German naval units

Release 0.1.42 - 08/05/2012
- Added Paratroop capability
- Added Fortification defense
- Finished UK coastal modification
- Added various naval units

Release 0.1.37 - 08/01/2012
- When Poland surrenders, removed from production tab.
- Added Experience bars.
- Added preliminary naval movement.
- Started naval additions to spritesheets.
- Added additional enhanced shorelines to the UK.
- Added preliminary naval units (UK transport, BB Royal Ark and Carrier Illustrious, and US Carrier Enterprise at Pearl Harbor).

Release 0.1.36 - 07/31/2012
- Fixed multiple reported issues
- Added focus to attacked air hex to allow for easier attacking.
- Fixed simultaneous land and air attack error
- Added Attack/Cancel button for air attack
- Fixed UK production issue which caused error when unit was moved.
- Added removal of Belgium and Dutch units in Europe only when countries fall.

Release 0.1.30 - 07/27/2012
- Finished Interception / AA / Bombing CRTs and implementation (Phase 1).
- Improved speed of air attack.
- Redesigned battle damage/results on right screen.

Release 0.1.26 - 07/23/2012
- Added fighter, tactical bomber, medium bomber and heavy bomber units and icons.
- Added improved coastlines from Holland to Spain.
- Added player resources to top of the screen.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

Release 0.1.18 - 07/10/2012
- Added Iraq and Iran spritesheet.
- Added more Chinese and Japanese ownership hexes.

Release 0.1.14 - 07/07/2012
- Added Japanese nationality hexes and bordering Chinese hexes.
- Added a few Chinese cities and also Hong Kong.
- Added borders for the Japanese limit in China in 1939 (in gray).
- Added NZ units and NZ hex nationalities.

Release 0.1.12 - 07/05/2012
- Added US Spritesheet
- Added Japanese Spritesheet
- Added Soviet Union hex ownership
- Added Australia/NZ/Dutch East Indie units
- Added SU ownership hexes
- Added SU eastern borders
- Added Korean and Manchurian aesthetic borders

Release 0.1.9 - 07/02/2012
- Started Chinese border
- Added French Indochina border and Thailand
- Added French nationality to French Indochina
- Added Saigon, Hanoi, Phnom Penh
- Added Commonwealth spritesheets.
- Fixed Motorized Infantry reinforcements.
- Added additional countries to Allies, Neutrals and Axis tabs.

The world is looking great! Thanks Ed!
Release 0.1.3 - 06/29/2012
- Fixed error where it would not allow user to cycle through a stack of 8 units.
- Prevented overstacking of air units.
- Fixed error where negative movements points would occur.
- Added Neutral units show/hide button.

Release 0.1.0 - 06/25/2012
- Added Motorized Infantry to all spritesheets.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Continue development of PvP.

Release 0.0.98 - 06/20/2012
- Released railroad update.
- First iteration of player vs. player.
- Added Airborne unit
- Added Motorized Infantry unit

Release 0.0.97 - 05/30/2012
- Completed all terrain.
- Started Player vs. Player programming.

Release 0.0.95 - 05/25/2012
- Added most global oil hexes to the map.
- Added rail hexes to the Caucasus based on ww2 map.
- Changed Oil graphic to not conflict with other graphics.
- Included all latest changes collected.

Release 0.0.92 - 05/22/2012
- North America and Central America added.
- Added ocean labeling and special location labeling.

Release 0.0.89 - 05/18/2012
- Added North America terrain
- Updated Units file
- Improved zoom feature
- Added several Pacific islands including Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Tawara, Hawaii, Guam, Wake, Midway, etc.

Release 0.0.88 - 05/16/2012
- Terrain added past China and to the Philippines.
- Units added and updated.
- Roads/Rails added to Norway.
- Cities updated in Norway.
- Added Left-Click drag ability to map

Release 0.0.83 - 05/11/2012
- Added show units and show ownership option.
- Add "view" border to strategic map to give user idea of area to be viewed.
- Fixed map to prevent scroll past lower portion of map.
- Tactical and Strategic map code reorganization.

    * Screenshot of the Polish Campaign on Sept. 1, 1939. Of course, screens will change as development continues.

Version 0.0.71 - 04/29/2012
- Added terrain for North Africa and the Soviet Union to the Urals. (Ed D)
- Added Production ability via "Production" tab

- Added ability to place produced units on board
- Can produce new units if German
- Can produce new units if Polish
- Added Global Map (show units and national ownership)

Version 0.0.66 - 04/25/2012
- Added all minor axis units, all minor European units. (Ed D)
- Added Network, Production, Options, Help, Network, Messages, Tab (Brian W)
- Improved Combat Results Table (Ed D)
- Changed Soviet entry into Poland and other Polish issues (Brian W)
- Improved air attack and air landing interface (Ed D and Bill W)

Version 0.0.45 - 04/11/2012

- Updated Soviet OOB (Ed D.)

Version 0.0.15
- Redesigned attack hex icon. The icon now shows the combat ratio, attacker strength and defender strength.

- Redesigned damage hex icon. When a hex is attacked, the Attack Roll (1-10) is now shown along with the attack damage and defense damage given. This icon remains on the board for 2 seconds allowing the user to see the damage. After 2 seconds, the icon reverts to the Attack Hex icon (see icon above).

- Redesigned destroyed icon. The destroyed icon remains on the screen for about 2 seconds before disappearing.

- Added fighter intercept for a single hex only so far. If a fighter is present in an attack hex and tasked with intercept, it will intercept any attacking aircraft before the attacker can attack. The fighter must have full movement points at the start of the turn to intercept. It would of course need to be at an airport. The land icon of course displays only when the aircraft is at a friendly airport.

- Added Factory count, resource count, oil count and manpower count to top panel.

- After 3rd turn, allow Soviets to enter Poland.

- Increase German factory count based on captured Polish cities.

- Re-tweaked air attack resolution

- Fixed menus to allow for "Y" or "N" keys to be depressed. Menus can use mouse clicks or cursor keys and enter.

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